Hearing Loss


Hearing Loss Guide  v.

How often do you have to ask someone to repeat the words? Do you have the volume on your television cranked way up to hear it? It really isn't a laughing matter to someone who is suffering from hearing loss. It used to be that your 80+ year-old

HearLoss  v.

HearLoss is an interactive Windows PC program for demonstrating to normally hearing people the effects of hearing loss.


AvantAUD  v.2 8

The Avant Audiometer represents a new era in PC-based clinical audiometry. The optional high frequency option makes it ideal for the evaluation of tinnitus, noise induced hearing loss and ototoxicity. Features : - Automatic threshold testing.

EPlugs  v.

ePlugs is a smartphone application that offers users the possibility to explore nearby events ePlugs is attending, see future events, view images shot by ePlugs Photographers on events, find information about the consequences of hearing loss,

RTSBingo3M  v.1.0

Hearing Aid TicTacToeStudents with hearing loss will learn the basic vocabulary and functions of the parts of their hearing aids to report problems.

RTSBingofmM  v.1.0

Rule The School FM TicTacToe Bingo based on the inspiro by Phonak © 2010 Monica FahertyStudents with hearing loss that use Phonak’s inspiro personal FM system will learn the parts and functions of this technology.

RTSBoard3M  v.1.0

Rule the School Self-Advocacy Board Game © 2008 Monica FahertyStudents with hearing loss must have the knowledge and ability to speak up for themselves and their needs in regular classrooms in order to have equal access to their educational en

Test Your Hearing  v.

Test your hearing will help you check for hearing problems. It is also intended to give you an idea of what some parts of a hearing evaluation might be like. Test your hearing with these guided experiments. It comprises a number of tests which can

EXPRESSfit  v.6.0.2

The EXPRESSfit Fitting System is the software used to program Sonic Innovations digital hearing aids.

NOAH System  v.

The NOAH software system is designed specifically for the hearing care industry, providing hearing car professionals with a unified system for performing all their client-related tasks.

SignGenius SASL Pro  v.

SignGenius SASL Pro offers you 2221 video clips, 50 categories and 17 sub-categories to learn sign language from. It includes an easy to use South African Sign Language Dictionary or Tutor module. Main features: - Advanced Search function.

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program is an easy-to-use software tool that keeps track of your caloric intake and expenditure to help you control your weight. It calculates the amount of calories consumed and burned daily, reports your progress, and gives daily

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